How much is a Duck ?

The cost is £10,000 excl VAT

What do I get for a Duck ?

Entry to the Greatest Duck Race in the World; 2 tickets to the Launch of the Duck Race; the chance to book the Duck truck to attend your company site; Access to the Extreme Duck Racing Community; Brand Association

 What if a Whale eats a Duck ?

Although Whales are huge Mammals they have very small throats – the Blue Whale can grow up to 100ft long but only has a throat the size of a plate

What if a shark attacks a Duck ?

Sharks only attack moving objects that creat fast movements or show a level of distress – the ducks will be floating and there are no moving parts and will be moving in the same motion of the waves so the chances of a duck attacking a duck is incredibly low.

Are the Ducks Bio-Degradable ?

No – the ducks are made out of medium density polyethelene and are designed to last – we are aiming to collect as many of the ducks at the end of the race as possible – those we do not will continue sailing until they hit land –anyone who finds a duck can claim a cash reward if they send a photo of them with the duck at their house.

Are you making any money out of this event ?

No – the company is a Community Interest Company and the directors will make no money from this at all except be paid a yearly salary.

Where is all the money going ?

As you can imagine the cost of holding the event is very high however at least £5million will be donated to charities. The other key part of this event is that we are employing more people than we need because we are using the company as a way of inspiring and training individuals who may have not had such an opportunity before. This how we can make a real difference !

Is it legal ?

There are laws protecting the sea from dumping into the Oceans- we are not dumping because we are racing the ducks and will attempt to pick up as many as is possible and any ducks we miss will be available for a reward for any person who claims it

Can a duck sink a ship?

The ducks, although very strong, are very light and will bounce of any vessel that may sail into the ducks or duck

Can a duck get caught up in a ships propeller ?

As a ship passes the ducks the wake will naturally force the duck away from the propellers and the speed of the boat will mean that the ducks never get close to the propellers

What if a Duck does sink?

In the unlikely event the batter and cameras inside are encased in a waterproof box and the duck would sink to the bottom of the ocean – our testing will make sure that the chances of a duck sinking will be incredibly small

What if there is a tie in the race?

If the GPS measurements are the same distance the first prize and second prizes would be added together and split in two

How do I get involved?

Contact us and we will get back in touch with you

How do I apply to the University of Entrepreneurship ?

It is not open yet but you can send us your details and we will keep them on file – the University will open after the first race

 Is this a one off?

No, we will do at least one race per year  – we will possibly add another race in the Pacific Ocean so there are two races per year

How much will you be paid?

It is not normal practice to disclose individual pay rates however, market rates will be applied. One unique point is that the Founder Matthew France who is also the Managing Director will not earn more than any other director as a principle of valuing the leadership team

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