Phileas Front View


Phileas Fogg set off on an 80 day trip around the world in the Jules Verne novel – our ducks will not quite manage that but 80 days was a great theme to take on board and we then just had to call our Duck -” Phileas”.

Our challenge is to develop a duck that can take the full force of the Atlantic Ocean and to have the technology to transmit its exact position back to Duck HQ. It also has to be environmentally friendly and no danger to sea life. Did you know a Blue Whale has a throat only the size of a plate!! So they can’t swallow our duck. Before we started this project I always believed a Blue Whale could swallow a human!

Phileas Side View

This is quite a challenge to our Duck Maker, Allen Yates, but we are well on our way to producing ducks for sea trials – in fact we should be in the sea by August.

The duck itself will be made out of MDPE (Medium Density Polyethelene) and will have a solar panel powering a small battery unit. The battery will provide the necessary power to transmit the signal on the GPS tracker .

One of the other challenges we face is to ensure the duck will always right itself as the waves crash over it- this will be achieved by using the same principle as a Weeble-“a weeble wobbles” but they never fall down.

The images above show the design of Phileas.

Follow us and watch our progress as we test our duck design over the next few months.

“Let’s get Quacking”

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